The Order of the Crimson Knight

An Unsettling Silence

Five Years oh so Many Changes

With Gruumsh no longer being an immediate threat, and Barthus seemingly slain in the belly of the Tarrasque; the Order decided a hard earned rest was needed. Vowing to keep in touch the party members went on their separate journeys agreeing that when duty calls they would all return.

Shortly after the journey into the ziggurat the civilians of Waterdeep noticed a monstrous whirlpool out to sea which lasted several days and nights before dwindling out of existence, scholars are unsure of its importance.

The family of vampire hunters known as the Fangbanes were told of The Orders battle against Barthus and his children, especially of the actions taken by Shrike resulting in the death of a vampire, as a result Lord Theodore Fangbane is much more amenable to the idea of Shrike courting one of his daughters; suffice to say all outward appearances indicate Shrike is very pleased by this development, and the three year courtship has blossomed into an addition to the Fangbane family in the form of a new son in law, with Shrike wedding the eldest Fangbane daughter. Over the next two years the family ensured that Shrike has been further trained in the arts of dealing with all manner of creatures of shadow.

There have been signs of a cult naming itself “The Betrayed” becoming active in the regions near Waterdeep, Lone River (formerly known as Sorrow/Loudwater) and Spellgard; so far their motivation and intentions are unclear though they seem content to go about their acts without affecting the general populace. From the signs these cultists are actively recognized by their affinity for jewels, often bedecking themselves in crystals and gems to the point where the figure beneath is almost not discernible.

Several mercenary companies have recently been bought into service by the new King of Spellgard, His Royal Excellence and Bringer of the Jewelled Crown Deeko Glitterbrow. From the information that Gnomes of Spellgard have shared with their neighbours, they intend to use the mercenary companies under their employ in an underground expedition in hopes of finding lost treasures and adding the already considerable hoards of wealth in the Spellgard vaults. Both the dwarves of Sundabar and the Elves of Silverymoon have made it very clear they intend to keep a close eye on these mercenaries to ensure the fledgling city state is not plundered and the Gnomes put to the slaughter.

The reconstruction of Lone River was completed not long after the repairs to Spellgard. With Lady Moonfire fallen in the attack by Barthus, the acting High Lord Tarkus Softstep has taken the role permanently; the people of Lone River are more than happy with this development. One of the first thing Tarkus did with his permanent position was to order a logging camp and guard outpost be built on the edge of the Direwood, the threats that the Direwood presents to the people of Lone River and merchants along Delbyr Road deemed that clearing the wood back at least two miles was a necessity.

With Gruumsh’s plan thwarted at least for the time being, he lashed out casting Urlbould from his immediate service; in an attempt to win back his lords favour Urlbould has battled his way to become the chieftain of the Ten Thousand Spear Clan. Over the past five years most of the orcs appear to have been gathering in the mountains near Many Arrows and hostilities have almost completely ceased.

After a recent sea storm the likes of which hasn’t been seen for roughly 300-400 years, a large land mass has appeared on the horizon West of Waterdeeps docks; priest and scholars agree that it was some form of fallout from the Astral Sea; and it may be cause for concern given recent history. Several of the temples in Waterdeep are convening in regards to this event and are requesting the presence of anyone involved with the events leading up to the whirlpool that occurred five years past, namely the group known as The Order of the Crimson Knight.



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