The Order of the Crimson Knight

The Story So Far

A Simple Waterfall

(Cue Carry On My Wayward Son)

In the usually uneventful town of Loudwater, several strange and vastly different figures begin to almost subconciously gather around a waterfall. After a confrontation between two of these individuals resulted in the Goliath Bard Mellow being pushed into said fountain by the Warforged Lokon-Stratos tensions were high and violence seemed imminent, thankfully the aggression was redirected with the sudden explosion of the outer wall and the outpouring of a band of goblins. The goblins seeing the adventurers as the clear threat set about keeping them engaged in the fray, immediately Shrike the Human Paladin strode forward in an attempt to ensure the goblins attention was not allowed to wander to the innocent public; whilst Azazel the Shardmind Witch and Urlbould the Orc Spellsinger called upon the arcane to assist in the route of the goblin pillagers. Unfortunately whilst the combat took place the goblins managed to pilfer a totem from a nearby shop window Meepo the Kobold Hunter and Markus the Dragonborn Fighter were quick to point out the theft to the others before beginning the pursuit to recover the artefact. The newly formed party journeyed into the woodland to recover the totem, after a short while the party managed to track the goblin clan to a cave not far from Loudwater where they brought death to the goblinkind in throngs working their way deep into the pit of the lair and closer to a confrontation with the goblin witchdoctor and chief. However the party soon discovered that this goblin fetish was not simply a symbolic wrapped piece of bone, it was in fact an Oni horn which the goblins were hoping to use to raise the Oni dwelling deep in the cave; the disgusted heroes quickly set to ending the)oni threat by decapitating the goblin chief and spearing the witchdoctor through his chest.

With the goblin threat put at rest for now the party returned to Loudwater conquering heroes all of them coming to the consensus that their performance was anything if not impressive and as a group fought with unexpected synchronicity and that future endeavours as a group would be prosperous for all, drinks were bought food was devoured and merriment was shared. Come morning two had already abandoned this decision, both Markus and Urlbould had disappeared in the night; the town guards reported seeing them both leaving of their own accord and apparently parting ways beyond the Loudwater’s walls. The remaining party members were of course curious to see what had caused the change of heart in what they thought were their comrades, however the duties of “heroes” yanked it’s leash and their collars were pulled. The town recluse a Wizard by the name of * * set them a task; go to Spellgard, retrieve an item for me and keep any riches you find. Suffice to say, the promise of treasure and a hearty challenge was welcomed by the party and they quickly joined a caravan travelling towards the outskirts of the tower; but not before stumbling across some form of drunken bipedal insect creature who insisted it was a Ranger named Schaefflin and demanded he be allowed to assist the party in their quest.



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